Interview: H.E. Prof. Iqbal D. Jhazbhay on recognizing Somaliland

Amb. Iqbal D. Jhazbhay/Photo Courtesy

Amb. Iqbal D. Jhazbhay/Photo Courtesy

Somaliland has been pushing for recognition for 25 years now. A journey that has been long and complex. South African Ambassador to Eritrea, H.E. Prof. Iqbal D. Jhazbhay discusses steps made and explores the role of African states in recognizing Somaliland.


  1. Congratulation to Prof, Ambassador Iqbal Jhazbhay who made very analytical and impressive interview about the Republic of Somaliland, indeed, the Ambassador has extensively explained both historical evolution of the Republic of Somaliland and post- conflict nation- building.

    Somaliland has attributed most successful countries in the Horn and Ambassador Iqbal pointed out how Somaliland’s legal case is viable regarding the AU fact- finding mission report in 2005 since Somaliland is not opening the Pandora’s box and had its international borders.

    Therefore, I would also like to share wider audiences who listened in this interview that the Republic of Somaliland is not a new nation of Africa but Somaliland united with Somalia in 1960 by creating the Somali Republic but Somaliland people again opted to withdraw this union which really aborted and Somaliland people felt more injustice and encountered a lot of human rights violations.

    Somaliland being independent has contributed the regional peace, security, stability and economic integration, Somaliland is most democratic country in the Greater Horn of Africa because Somaliland has practiced all fundamental principles of democracy including free press, civil society movements, multiparty political system and active citizens’ participation in the decision making.

    The Republic of Somaliland is neither part of Somalia nor seceding from Somalia but Somaliland was a British Protectorate in between 1884-1960 and regained its independent in 1991. Somaliland held six elections in between 2001- 20012 and planned to hold elections on March 2017.

  2. We have been here before; rent boys in obscure position trying to shed light on to themselves by taking on rather fringe issue. The succession is none starter. As someone who hails from some of the regions Hargiesa claims to lord over (Sool, Sanaag and Buhodle) this issue will not be sold to the large number of people in northern clans. What we need to think about is Federalism North block as state and Southern block. There is no democracy. Human rights are are arbitrarily abused and clan cleansing routinely takes place against none Isaaq clans.


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